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I Give You My Word

What does it mean when we say, “I give you my word?”

It is a promise, a vow that we are telling the truth, that we mean to follow through and will not disappoint. Look closely. We use the word “give” which refers to a gift, something shared freely. And we say, “my word” not “words”. Why? Because we aren’t talking about words as objects or units of meaning. We are talking about the word as power, as vibration. We could say, “I give you the power of my words.”

It’s really a beautiful phrase. I suggest we give this gift, the power of our word, to ourselves. Stand in front of the mirror. Light a candle, gaze into your eyes and say, “I give you my word.” Let us not go against ourselves with our word. Let us both think and speak with care. Let us surrender this awesome power we have to construct reality with our words to that Pure Self whose only desire is to love and enjoy.

Whose with me?


Quick Quote

“You are nothing but an ear which hears what the universe of the Word is constantly saying within you.”

~The Maggid of Mezerich

Introducing Shamanic Voice Work

We once held tremendous power over words, but at some point, words came to hold power over us.  Now it is time to reclaim that power.

Shamanic Voice Work is a means to reclaim our power over words. It works on deep energetic levels to cleanse and widen our expressive channel, purifying it and restoring it to its unadulterated state. Through breath, movement and sounding practices, we shift blocks and holding patterns, making room for our truth to ring with the clarity of a bell. You get to control how deeply you engage, and you are the master here. No one else.

Each person’s voice is a link to that power we seek to reclaim, like a chord or tether from the Great Mystery to the manifest. The voice is used to make everything more and more real.  Without awareness, the voice can convince us of the realness of a dream.  But when we begin to pull our attention away from the illusion of form back to the formless, the voice becomes a tool of Spirit.  We begin to create with impeccability.

It’s very powerful and personal work and can be quite challenging. But the rewards are many.  You can watch one of several videos about Shamanic Voice Work here or find out more at The Voice of Life.

A Sufi Tale

There was once a man who spent his days calling out to God…every day of his life. While a few people in the village saw him as very devout,  most thought him a fool. Did he really think that God would respond? One day, the skeptics’ doubts began to infect his mind. He  questioned why in all his dedicated years of calling out to God, God never once answered him. His spirit broken with this realization, the man stopped calling out to God and resigned himself to sleep.

That night, he had a dream. In it, the presence of God came to him and asked him why he stopped calling out to him. The man explained that God never once answered his call after all those years! Why should he continue to waste his breath?

God replied, “Was my answer too simultaneous? Did you not see? Each time you called out to me, your voice itself was my response!”

Vocal Meditation – A Twist on Affirmations

MeditationMany people know of and have tried using affirmations or positive statements designed to change a negative thought pattern. I myself, having been exposed to the wonderful teachings of Louise Hay and others have tried them. Sometimes, they work and sometimes, well…they don’t do much.  Sometimes our conflicting beliefs are just too strong.

I began a new practice with affirmations awhile back when I started to understand more of the ‘secret’ relationship between our words, our thoughts, and sound and the hidden power and interplay of each. The practice arose spontaneously during a meditation, and it has had a much greater impact than any affirmation practice I have had.

It’s very easy but does take effort and a willingness to sound and feel ridiculous at first. Take any affirmation. Examples include, “I am centered and peaceful” or “My life is filled with abundance.” The cool thing with this particular practice is that you really don’t have to pretend to believe something you don’t. You don’t have to think yourself through it either. All you have to do is be willing to say it. The ‘secret’ aspects of word, thought, and sound will take care of the rest.

Now, sit yourself down in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. If you can be in front of a mirror to witness yourself, all the better. Now begin to say your chosen affirmation. If it sounds phony to you, then say it that way, with all the sarcasm you can muster. If you want to sing it, sing it. If nothing comes up but a gurgle, that’s perfect too. The idea is to say it in as many ways as possible feeeling for the moments of resonance when parts or all of the statement ring true. Keep at it. It may not happen right away. Persist. Play. Get your body involved. Shake. Wiggle. Get up and stomp. Allow the practice to reveal to you just where your blocks are. It will happen. You may even have a release as you move through resistance and longing into the place where you can sense the truth of your statement that was really there all along.

You will come to the point where all the resistance drops away. And there, you will find yourself hearing the words of your affirmation as if for the first time. You will start to state the affirmation without the theatrics, drama, and playfulness. Go slowly here. You will begin to speak each word with its own weight and sincerity. Again, tears may flow. You will begin to feel the truth of the statement in different areas of your body. You will sense joy arising. And you will empower yourself.