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Waves or Bubbles or Both?

In school, we are taught many things that we just assume represent reality.  We learn that the Sun is the stationary center of the Universe.  We learn that Columbus discovered America.  We learn that Edison invented the light bulb.  And, we learn that sound moves in waves.  By adopting these beliefs, we also believe that we “know” how something outside of personal experience went down and “understand” how the Universe works.  But…

It’s crazy how literally we take concepts, like “soundwave,” until the concept itself narrows the reality…like partial truths that skew everything. In truth, sound forms bubbles, not waves.  Check out this cymasope research that explains how sound moves spherically.

The idea of sound bubbles makes so much sense in terms of why toning with a group is so whole-bodily transforming, and for some, even levitating and teleporting.  And it makes sense why reciting mantras is so powerful and known to protect the individual…it literally surrounds us in a protective bubble.

But before I get all celebratory about this new theory, I must take into consideration the fact that I have also seen with my own eyes the energetic tendrils of music coming out of a stereo in the dark. They were more like dancing filaments of light,  stretching up and out into space, combing it like long graceful fingers.

Waves, bubbles or…both?  So many layers, so many dimensions! So much yet to discover!