About the Book

The Unknown Mother: A Magical Walk with the Goddess of Sound is a book due to be published through Roundfire in January of 2013. I like to call it a work of truth disguised as fiction and a work of fiction masquerading as truth.

Wrenne is a self-proclaimed mediocre vocalist whose life is falling apart. When she falls to her knees in prayer, a magical being named Matrina appears to take Wrenne on a deep and powerful journey through the 10 Gates of Sound. Along the way, she shares great insights, secrets, and profound wisdom about the power of letters, words, sound, and our very own voice to heal and transform the world. Wrenne begins to see that the power to be free, happy, and creative is her birthright as she applies the lessons she learns.

If you are interested in ordering an advance copy of the book, please sign up here for updates.


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