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Ilie Cioara in I am Boundless: Silence a

Ilie Cioara in I am Boundless: Silence appears spontaneously when noise is understood, Watching and listening, without any goal or purpose; Attention is the priceless instrument
Encountering the pointless movement of the confused “self”.


Who knew life could be like this? Who kn

Who knew life could be like this? Who knew it was so easy? Who knew the power of loving life? Thankfully, my teachers did. Thankfully, they always believed until I had the legs to stand in this sea of love myself. I am so blessed.

Testing out Hootsuite. “Silence is the l

Testing out Hootsuite. “Silence is the language of god,
all else is poor translation.”
― Rumi

Forthcoming Title from Roundfire

The Unknown Mother is up on the publisher’s website!  I’m so excited!

The Voice of Inspiration

Today, I was blessed to meet self-taught deaf artist, Scott Nordsell. Looking over his portfolio, I was inspired by the power his drawings and paintings conveyed. He had one piece, a vibrant multicolored print which bore the words, “Can you hear the voice of God’s creation?” or something to that effect. There were holy symbols in the corners, the animal kingdom, a crowd of villagers, nature and other elements that, or course, spoke to me…The Voice of Life.

The friend who had invited me to view this portfolio signed for me that I was touched by Scott’s work, especially because I work with people to help them discover their voice, free their expression, and to understand the sacredness of voice. Scott signed back that he works through his hands in the same way. His communication is his color, his proportion, his subject.

It got me to thinking. The Voice of Life isn’t just about the speaking voice. The Voice of Life is the voice of creation. When we allow it to speak through us, it comes out in song, poetry, dance or even beautiful paintings. It comes out in novel ideas and inventions for good. It comes out in solutions that reap benefits for all. Everyone has a voice whether or not they are capable of speech. Everyone has vision whether or not they are capable of seeing. It is imperative that each of us find our voice.

Viewing the artwork made my day, one that hadn’t started out so great. I was so inspired, it totally transformed my mood, a heavy mood I had been trying to shake all day. That is the grace of a voice expressed. When we free our expression and share that voice with the world, we inspire others.  May this inspire you!