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Some of my most powerful nighttime dreams have actually changed my life, informing my work with sound and word. I love my dreamtime. But the other day, after waking from a rather wracking night of journeys, I sat in meditation and realized that dreamtime is really 24 hours a day and that I am a dreamcatcher.

Dreamcatchers, you may know, are these Native American (specifically¬†Ojibwa Nation) hoop hangings like spider webs that one puts over the bed to “capture” bad dreams and keep them from entering the dreamer in bed. They allow good dreams to float right through the spaces of the snare down into the mind of the dreamer.

We are all dreamcatchers. As we walk through this world, we attract all kinds of dreams throughout our day, good and bad. Do we use our net to capture the “bad” dreams keeping them at bay helping us “keep our distance” or do they slip through into our sense of reality. What kinds of dreams are we open to? Can we open ourselves, create some space between the web of our beliefs to attract pleasant dreams…dreams full of light, love, miracles, generosity, opportunity, and forgiveness? What kinds of dreams are all sticky and dusty within those silken threads, covered in denial and never seeing the healing light of our acceptance. Does our dreamcatcher work? Or do old dreams replay over and over long after their freshness? And when negative energy comes your way, does it slip between the fibers?

Tomorrow, just play with the idea of being a dreamcatcher. When you wake, decide what kind of dream you want to have as you walk through your day. When people or situations threaten your peace of mind, allow the dreamcatcher to simply filter out the weight of such energies. Notice when your hoop fails, allowing nightmarish thoughts and experiences to become personal. In your imagination, widen the spaces between the threads to allow all the wonderful things you desire to become part of your day.

Let me know how it goes…and sweet dreams!


Okay, okay…I can’t wait another second! Here it is!!!

The Unknown Mother Cover Art

Just got the cover art from the publisher. LOVE!!!


The book cover is here!!! Stay tuned…

The Influence of Language on Our Sense of Reality

“Do English, Indonesian, Russian and Turkish speakers end up attending to, understanding, and remembering their experiences differently simply because they speak different languages?” The answer is a resounding “YES!” Check out this article recently published in the Wall Street Journal by Lera Boroditsky.

Perhaps this is just more new science in support of old ideas, but it’s still pretty cool.

Another Book is Birthing

Funny, the first book isn’t even out yet, and I’m already 8000 words into the next one! What is it, you ask? Something along the lines of The Unknown Mother Companion. It will be a combination journal/workbook that will lead the reader through the 10 Gates of Sound with activities and exercises for reclaiming your voice with a capital “V”. Everything that Wrenne experiences in her apprenticeship with Matrina in The Unknown Mother will be broken down into practices to help build your awareness of the vocal mechanism, the breath, letters, words, stories, sound, and silence. It’s going to be a book of power and magic filled with glorious attunements and inspiring surprises. I’m having a blast creating it! Patience, grasshoppers. I have no clue when it will be complete.