Monthly Archives: March 2012

Quick Quote

“Speech, then is a transaction, in which decisions are made and fates are decided–and the responsibility for careless or malicious speech is shouldered by whoever spreads the information and whoever listens to it.”

~From The Kabbalah of Money by Rabbi Nilton Bonder


I Give You My Word

What does it mean when we say, “I give you my word?”

It is a promise, a vow that we are telling the truth, that we mean to follow through and will not disappoint. Look closely. We use the word “give” which refers to a gift, something shared freely. And we say, “my word” not “words”. Why? Because we aren’t talking about words as objects or units of meaning. We are talking about the word as power, as vibration. We could say, “I give you the power of my words.”

It’s really a beautiful phrase. I suggest we give this gift, the power of our word, to ourselves. Stand in front of the mirror. Light a candle, gaze into your eyes and say, “I give you my word.” Let us not go against ourselves with our word. Let us both think and speak with care. Let us surrender this awesome power we have to construct reality with our words to that Pure Self whose only desire is to love and enjoy.

Whose with me?