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Do You Know Your ABC’s?

In many of the mystery schools of various cultures, the letters of the alphabet are held as sacred vessels, used in meditations, and considered keys to the doorways of consciousness. In the modern age, most of us simply take the letters of the words we speak for granted, giving their potentials or inherent power virtually no consideration. In The Unknown Mother, one of Wrenne’s early lessons with Matrina revolves around the hidden significance of the letters of the alphabet.

Have you ever taken a moment, since elementary school, to recite the alphabet? Have you ever felt the shape of the letters as they roll off your tongue? Have you ever noticed how we cannot name the consonants without also sounding a vowel? Have you noticed that certain letters are actually comprised of the combined sounds of other letters? Have you ever noticed how certain words starting with the same letter have a similar power…Love and Light for example?

Everything, from the ant on the sidewalk to the thought in your head, is made of vibration. The letters of the alphabet are like little parcels of vibration, energies encapsulated in symbol. Spend some time singing, reciting, and toning your ABC’s and discover for yourself the gifts these parcels contain.


Quick Quote

“You are nothing but an ear which hears what the universe of the Word is constantly saying within you.”

~The Maggid of Mezerich

Introducing Shamanic Voice Work

We once held tremendous power over words, but at some point, words came to hold power over us.  Now it is time to reclaim that power.

Shamanic Voice Work is a means to reclaim our power over words. It works on deep energetic levels to cleanse and widen our expressive channel, purifying it and restoring it to its unadulterated state. Through breath, movement and sounding practices, we shift blocks and holding patterns, making room for our truth to ring with the clarity of a bell. You get to control how deeply you engage, and you are the master here. No one else.

Each person’s voice is a link to that power we seek to reclaim, like a chord or tether from the Great Mystery to the manifest. The voice is used to make everything more and more real.  Without awareness, the voice can convince us of the realness of a dream.  But when we begin to pull our attention away from the illusion of form back to the formless, the voice becomes a tool of Spirit.  We begin to create with impeccability.

It’s very powerful and personal work and can be quite challenging. But the rewards are many.  You can watch one of several videos about Shamanic Voice Work here or find out more at The Voice of Life.