A Turquoise Necklace: Perfect 5th Chakra Power Object

In The Unknown Mother, Wrenne, the central character, loses her voice. After helping her discover the root cause of her vocal crisis, Matrina gifts Wrenne with a beautiful Navajo turquoise necklace. So, why that? Why not a  pearl necklace or diamond broach?

Every gemstone has its own vibrational frequency and healing properties. Turquoise is one of several 5th chakra or throat center stones. It helps to open and protect our expressive center. In fact, when given as a gift, as is the case in The Unknown Mother, turquoise is believed to bring the wearer protection from negative outside influences. So in gifting Wrenne with her necklace, Matrina is actually bestowing a powerful amulet on her student.

Turquoise is also said to take on the characteristics of the owner. So this necklace will not only carry the refined level of consciousness from its previous owner, Matrina, but it will also program itself in its service to Wrenne ensuring her ability to communicate her unique message authentically, cleanly, and completely. Furthermore, it will help her control her physical speech, quelling nerves and supporting the vocal apparatus.

In addition, turquoise brings the wearer equilibrium, calms the nervous system, builds one’s confidence, and clears self-esteem issues. These are all things Wrenne needs as she relearns to use her voice in this world.

There are many additional benefits to wearing turquoise including body detoxification and the lifting of depression.

And as for why the gift is a necklace and not something else entirely? A necklace rests right on the back of the neck and, depending on length, rests somewhere between the throat and heart center to the front. It offers 360 degrees of protection to the 5th chakra and therefore not only connects our speech to our heart, but encircles it with protection.

A turquoise necklace…the perfect 5th chakra power object.


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  1. Fascinating information, Dielle. Thanks for your interesting posts.

  2. How wonderful this piece about turquoise. I love it, collect it and wear it a lot. It is something I have been around all my life because my parents owned a curio shop and museum that displayed turquoise jewelery and I have always been in love with it. But I didn’t know some of these qualities that it possesses, so thank you for sharing this. I had always heard the legends from the Southwest of how it is seen as an embodiment of the solar energies. And I love your book! As soon as I complete the entire manuscript I would be honored to write an endorsement for it. You are helping us wake up to the vibratory power of sound. Great work.

    • My pleasure! I can’t wait to hear your feedback about the book. Let me know when you’re done and we’ll discuss. And thank you so much for offering an endorsement! Woohoo!!

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